How much do copywriters charge?

So you need a copywriter, but how much $$ does one charge? ⁠

As with any other industry, you’re going to find a huge range. Some people practically give away their services just to build their portfolio (not me); other people charge astronomical amounts just because they think they can (also not me).

I’ll be honest. I’m not the cheapest copywriter out there.

I charge more than some because of my “secret sauce”: combining copywriting with crucial brand strategy.

I think about things like brand positioning, brand voice, consumer mindset, and all that good stuff. I also never write for just one web page, flyer, or brochure. I write with your WHOLE business in mind. ⁠

⁠While we’re on this topic, remember that you’re paying for the value, expertise, and experience that your copywriter brings to the table. Your copywriter isn’t just slapping pretty words together – they’re using sales psychology to create copy that converts. And by that, I mean converting casual readers into loyal purchasers.

Because that’s the end goal, right?

If you find yourself racing to get the next marketing piece out, consider outsourcing to a strategic copywriter.⁠ It’ll save you time, lighten your load, and offer a fresh perspective on your business. ⁠

And in my humble opinion, it’ll always be worth your investment.⁠ ?⁠