What the heck is a copywriter (and why do I need one)?

Hey, don’t feel embarrassed if you’re asking these questions. “Copywriter” is one of those weird terms that can be a bit confusing. ⁠

(The one that always stumps me is “Actuary.” Every time I Google what it means, it slips my mind the SECOND I’ve closed the tab. My brain just can’t process it.) ?⁠

But back to my question, “What is a copywriter?”

Simple answer: someone who writes words to persuade.

Copy (these words I’m talking about) shouldn’t just sound good. They also have to sell.

Not in an icky way that leaves you feelin’ gross inside, but in a way that connects with people on an emotional level. The right copy gets people to feel something and then turns those feelings into ??????. ⁠

So, what do copywriters write?

Umm, pretty much anything.

On the digital side, it might be website content, an email campaign, social media posts, blogs …. The list goes on. ⁠On the print side, it could be a poster, a brochure, a print ad or article, a billboard …. You get the idea. ⁠

Anything that shares your story with the world and gets people to buy.

In reality, the digital and print worlds often blur together. That’s OK because the whole point is to have a consistent voice across ALL platforms.⁠

Bottom line: Anywhere you need powerful words, you need a copywriter.

That gets me to the WHY of hiring a copywriter.

A copywriter can:

• Help you clarify your message (so people know exactly WHO you are, WHAT you do, and HOW you can help them).
• Save you valuable time (leaving you to focus on other important areas of your business).
• Save you anguish (No more looking at blank screens, wondering what to write).
• Get you more business! (Woo-hoo!)

Is there anything else about copywriting that leaves you scratching your head?

Contact me anytime, and I’ll help clear the confusion.