Pro Tip: Teach people how to treat you

This is a horror story with a happy ending. It goes like this:⁠

People used to tell me about their awful client experiences – how their clients were rude, rarely paid them on time, etc. I’d look at them with naïve disbelief. Surely there weren’t clients like that out there??! Mine were all amazing. ⁠

??? ???? ?? ????????. ? ???? ?? ????* ?? ? ??????.⁠

*???? ??? ???? ??????? ?? ??????? ??? ???-??-????????. ⁠

Within the first couple of days, Rick called me about 15 times. He was loud, demanding, and clearly didn’t value my time. My gut told me to run FAST the other way, but I figured, “Well, it’s always good to take on new clients.” ⁠

No … No, it isn’t. ⁠

??? ?????’? ?????? ???? ????. ⁠

This is the only time I ever had to cut my losses and kindly say “thanks but no thanks” to a client. No matter how much money I would’ve made, it just wasn’t worth the agony. It was a great reminder to cherish my existing clients AND my time. ⁠

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~ serving your clients/consumers should always be a priority, but …⁠
~ It shouldn’t come at the expense of your dignity. ⁠

If you’re in a service-based business like I am, remember that ???????? great clients is just as important as attracting them. ⁠

Can I get an AMEN? ?⁠