How being a crappy waitress made me a better writer

Back in university, I waitressed at a busy downtown Toronto restaurant. I was friendly and loved chatting with my customers, but I screwed up a few orders. ⁠

Ok, a lot of them. ⁠

The guys in the kitchen (God bless them) saved my butt MANY times. You know … the times I’d forget to punch in an order, the times I’d forget to pick up my order … You get the picture.

Today, I’m extra forgiving with struggling servers. If they get frazzled? Doesn’t bother me. If they take a bit longer to bring out my food? No big deal. I can empathize with how they’re feeling on a busy shift when one of the other servers is a no-show. (Who DOES that??!)

Being empathic has also helped me to become a better copywriter because it puts me in the shoes of whoever I’m writing to. ⁠

And you can use the same approach in YOUR business. ⁠

Just think about your clients’/customers’ pain points. Then – with a genuine interest in their well-being – show how your product or service can help solve their biggest problem. ⁠

More them. Less you. Better results.