It Started With a Soap Opera

As a child, I remember religiously watching The Young and the Restless with my mom. Enthralled by the dramatic storylines, my destiny was clear: I was going to become a famous romance novelist. And if that didn't pan out? Being an actress would work too.

Of course, life often leads you in different directions. I never did publish that juicy romance novel (or take a single acting class for that matter), but I did opt for a journalism degree and career in writing. Today, I’m a senior copywriter at a global design agency, while writing for a select group of freelance clients. It’s the perfect blend of creativity and strategy – and a winning combination for your business.

Let's Make Your Job Easier

So, why hire a strategic copywriter? To save you time and anguish, of course! While you concentrate on the projects you want to handle, I'll look after the writing you may be too strapped to focus on. Picture copy that has your readers smiling, nodding, and saying “Yes!” to that next step. From website content, to blog post copy, and everything in between, I’ve got your back. As an experienced copywriter, I'll help you turn interested prospects into loyal purchasers.

Getting to The Heart of Your Brand

Here's a secret: I'm always thinking about the emotional reasons why someone would be interested in your brand. At the end of the day - even if your product or service is highly technical - your consumers need to feel personally connected to it. That's the spark that leads to brand loyalty, and that's the loyalty that leads to sales.