attention savvy service providers:
Never wonder what to write your email audience again.

Even if you think your stories are super boring (they’re not!)
or you’ve been ghosting your subscribers for months (it happens!). 

Grab your favourite leggings and whip up the messiest of messy buns. It’s time to write emails that people can’t wait to open. 

Elevate Your Email Copy

A copywriting toolkit to help you welcome, nurture, and sell to your inbox audience with ease.

Just $37 until Nov. 1st

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Imagine THIS.

Adoring email subscribers who can’t wait to work with you. One minute you’re casually going about your day; the next, you’re getting messages like these:

“Loved your last email!” 

“When’s your next opening?”

“I’m soooo ready to work with you!”   

Ummm … OK! (*as you shrug, smile, and share your booking link.*) 

And to think, you didn’t have to post 10 new Instagram Stories today to hear this. You merely showed up as your awesome self, to your awesome email subscribers, who ASKED to hear from you. Awesome again! 


There's just one glitch in this beautiful plan.

Right now, you barely – if ever – email your audience. In fact, you’d have to dig prettttty deep to even find the login info for your email platform. 

Usually, one or all of these pesky problems are at play: 

Blank-Screen Syndrome

Once people join your list, you have zero idea what to write them. Do you provide a tip? A story? A push for one of your paid services? If someone could just TELL you what to write and how to write it (please and thanks!) that would be great. 

Imposter Syndrome

Yep, this sneaky guy is sucking the life out of your email sales too. Sure, people have signed up to hear from you … but what if your emails are super boring? Or people get annoyed by them? What if they (gasp) UN-subscribe? All this self-doubt is enough to send you into full ghost mode!

Don’t-Got-the-Time Syndrome

Ah, the plight of every hard-working business owner. When there are only 24 hours in a day and a bazillion things on your to-do list, how do you find time to research all the best copywriting strategies for creating better emails? (Hint: You don’t!) 

And then there’s the whole “welcome sequence” bit. 

You already know that the welcome sequence is where you win them over for life or lose them completely ... And if you don't do anything, will they even remember who you are?

Not only is the welcome sequence the most read of ALL email sequences, but it’s a great way to build connection and prime people to buy from you. 

But again, you have to wonder: What do I even write?

Left with this mind-boggling question, you settle for sending your subscribers a simple “Thanks for joining my list!” message or lacklustre sequence. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with these. You’re just missing out on a great opportunity to serve your people better and increase your sales.  

By the way, there’s no shame here. You’re running your business like a pro and you’re amazing at what you do!

Now, let’s just bring the “easy” back to email copy so that you can:

✔️ Give your email subscribers – your adoring fans – the star treatment they deserve.

✔️ Connect with your audience in a way that’s simple, fun, and maintainable. 

✔️ Get more business inquiries while spending less time hustling on social media.

email copywriting
It's all possible with

Elevate Your Email Copy

This copywriting toolkit is designed for you, the over-stretched entrepreneur,
who wants to start making email a priority, but doesn’t know where to start. 

It provides easy, plug ‘n play copy templates and strategic guides from a professional copywriter (moi!)
to not only delight your audience, but to drive more sales. 

GRAB IT ALL FOR $37. Price goes up nov. 1st!

Check out the goodies inside Elevate Your Email Copy:

Welcome Sequence
copy template

This template will help you write six unique emails to welcome your new subscribers and build the know, like, and trust factor that’s crucial to a great rapport and future sales. I’ll structure each email for you and provide copy prompts along the way so that you can easily insert your own business details and personality. The beauty of a welcome sequence is that once it’s written, it can work for you on repeat. Every time someone joins your list, you can sit back and relax as they receive your warm welcome!


- 6 engaging welcome emails with an easy “fill in the blank” system.
- Recommendations for when to send each email.
- Subject line suggestions to encourage more opens.   

This Tool Will Help You:

- Make a powerful first and lasting impression with your subscribers.
- Showcase your unique personality and stand out from the crowd.
- Introduce your services in a way that converts more readers into buyers. 

Value: $497

52 Weeks
of Email
copy vault

This list of 52 strategic email topics will provide inspiration for one email per week and beyond. Or, depending on how often you plan to email your audience, feel free to stretch this resource out even longer! Each topic will fall under one of four relevant themes, all speaking to your subscribers’ needs, wants, and dreams. Because no matter what story you’re sharing or what service you’re selling, your messaging always, always, always has to tie back to your readers! 


- 52 strategic email topic ideas that will resonate with your ideal clients.
- Fillable sections for brainstorming to refer back to when writing emails.
- Subject line suggestions to encourage more opens.   

This Tool Will Help You:

- Banish the whole “what do I write about next?” block.
- Keep up your momentum of emailing your audience on a regular basis.
- Stay top of mind so that people will come to you when they’re ready to buy. 

Value: $197

Sell with Storytelling
copy guide

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times: stories sell. But what people don’t tell you is where to find these elusive sales-generating stories, how to structure them, when to use them, and so much more! So, completely stumped and in fear of rambling, snooze-inducing monologues, you avoid storytelling altogether. Instead, you deviate to more formal emails that are all business, all the time. Instead, let’s ditch the robotic copy and turn you into an email storytelling pro!   


- Tips on where to find fun, relatable story ideas from your own experiences.
- An easy and repeatable process for structuring your story-based emails.
- Ways to tell if your story will resonate with your readers.   

This Guide Will Help You:

- Show up with more confidence and personality when writing your emails.
- Take seemingly random stories and tie them into business.
- Use engaging stories to promote greater sales. 

Value: $97

Did I mention this business-boosting BONUS?

Email Copy Quick-Fix

video walkthrough

Learn 12 common email copywriting mistakes you may be making – and how to fix them! These tips:

→ Are easy to implement – even if you’re not a copywriter.  

→ Work for any type of service provider, in any industry. 

→ Can help promote “mini-actions” (like more email replies)
that can lead to bigger actions (like booking with you).  

Value: $97


Red-Carpet Welcome Sequence
+  52 Weeks of Email
+ Sell with Storytelling
+ Email Copy Quick-Fix

Total Value: $888
Just $37 until Nov. 1st

desk pic
Hey there, I’m Nicole. 

Fun fact: I’ve been a copywriter for almost 20 years and I learned how to email on shared computers at my university campus library. I specifically remember asking a girl in my dorm, “What’s email?” 

Crazy, right?

Today, as a fellow business owner, I’m all about helping you tap into the power of email to reach some of your biggest fans.  

I mean, think about it. 

Your subscribers love you so much that they’ve given you something near and dear to their hearts – their email address! They’ve essentially raised their hands and said, “Hey, over here! I want to hear from you!” 

How great is that?

With Elevate Your Email Copy, you can get past the writer’s block and show up for the people who already know and adore you – versus trying to stand out among the masses on social media. 

You’ll get a personality-packed welcome sequence template, prompts for 52 weeks of engaging nurture emails, a storytelling guide to help keep your readers engaged, and 12 crucial email copy dos and don’ts to help guide your writing and drive more sales. 

So, no more wondering what to write. I’m bundling my 20 years of copywriting expertise and handing it over to you in an easy, actionable bundle! 

Want proof of my copy chops?

Hear from some of my happy clients.

"I am so in love with your copy and your writing style! Your copy literally brought me to tears! This is the first sales page I've ever had, that I don't think we'll ever have to edit."

Katie Matusky

Workflow Strategist

“I walked away from my VIP day with Nicole feeling like this was truly THE best investment I have ever made in my business. I hadn't even finished reading through everything she wrote and I was ready to book her again.”

Lindsay Darling


“Nicole is a brilliant storyteller and copywriter who knows exactly how to get into the heart and mind of her readers with just the right words.”

Sarah Masci

Day Rate Coach

“Stop trying to do it yourself and let Nicole handle the words. Working with Nicole is like having someone go into your head and pull the words out.”

Laura Kamark

Brand & Web Designer

“OMG. It’s freaking perfect. I’m in tears. I shared it with a few friends and they ALL agree that this is so me!"

Ines Garibay

Social Media Manager

“FYI. I am crazy in love with ALL. THESE. WORDS. If you need copywriting, you need to work with Nicole. Get on her calendar now!"

Juli James

Course & Tech Specialist

Service providers, you’re gonna love Elevate Your Email Copy.

I’ve designed this toolkit for both new
and established service providers, including:

Brand Designers
Web Designers
Virtual Assistants
Interior Designers
Social Media Managers
Online Business Managers
And more!
Listen, I love social media as much as the next girl. But here’s why email has my heart: 
  • With email, you’re not fighting against an ever-changing algorithm. 
  • Your emails are more likely to be seen and read than a social media post. 
  • You’re writing to people who have invited you – yes YOU! – into their inbox.

FAQs, coming right up.

Just to be super clear,
Elevate Your Email Copy is perfect for you if… 

- You understand the value of regularly emailing your audience.
- You’re tired of spending ALL your time hustling on social media.
- You want plug-'n-play tools for writing emails that your subscribers will love. 

All the copywriting tips and tools you need to up your email game are here with

Elevate Your Email Copy

Red-Carpet Welcome Sequence
+  52 Weeks of Email
+ Sell with Storytelling
+ Email Copy Quick-Fix

Total Value: $888
Today's Price: $37

*Please that note that due to the digital nature of this product, it is non-refundable.
Don't worry; I know you're going to love what's inside!