Let's get your questions

Q . Why should I hire a copywriter instead of writing the copy myself?
A . While you know your brand well, finding the right words - or the time to write them - can be tricky. Also, copywriting is a fine art rooted in sales psychology. If you want more people to buy your programs, products, or services, then your copy has to be up to the task.

Q . How long will you take to complete my writing project?
A . If you've booked me for my Fast-Track VIP Day – typically just one day! If it's a bigger job, sometimes two or three days. Regardless of the timing, there's always more to a project than just the "day." Every VIP day project includes my prep work, research and brand strategy before the actual day. Next comes seven hours of dedicated copywriting on your day, and then up to one hour’s worth of changes after your day. (Got all that?!) Bottom line: there’s always more to the job than just writing.

Q . How long have you been a copywriter?
A . I've been writing professionally for about 20 years. I've worked in a variety of in-house marketing departments, at both small and large advertising agencies, and for my own copywriting clients. This experience has taught me a valuable lesson: Copy shouldn't just sound good. It also needs to sell. Of course, selling doesn't have to feel icky. I infuse stories in my copy so that your brand always feels human, approachable, and relatable.

Q . What if you're not already familiar with my industry? 
A . That just makes your project more exciting! And just remember: a great copywriter should be able to tailor his or her writing to any topic or audience with ease. Once I know you and your brand better, I'll deliver the tone, style, and messaging you require.

Q . What if I'd like tweaks to the copy you've written?
A . Because I want you to be in love with the copy I provide, I'll gladly include one free round of revisions. However, should these changes mark a drastic departure from what was originally briefed, additional charges at my hourly rate will apply.

Q . Do you also do graphic design?
A . Sorry, no. While I can provide high-level visual recommendations to support my copy, I believe in leaving design to the experts!

Q . How can I learn more about your VIP day services or book you on a project?
A . That's what I like to hear! You can visit my Fast-Track VIP Day page or send me a quick line. I'll be in touch within 24 hours to see if we're a good fit.