Sometimes, you just want someone to make your life easier.

Imagine having done-for-you copy that attracts your ideal clients and turns browsers into buyers.

Even better, picture having it done in just ONE day.

Any of these sound familiar?
  • You know that high-converting copy is crucial for scaling your business. (You just don't know how to write it.) 
  • You have a million other tasks on your to-do list. (Oh wait – make that a million and one!)
  • You're an expert at what you do. (You just need your messaging to reflect that!)
  • You’d give anything to have professional copy arrive at your door like an Amazon Prime package. (Is there an app for that?)


After all the heart you put into creating your amazing programs, products, or services, the true test comes when you put them out into the world. Now, more than ever, your messaging is crucial. But instead of breaking into a cold sweat staring at a blank screen, you can save your sanity by hiring a copywriting pro. Here’s how …

Ready to UP-level Your Copy?

3 Ways I've Got Your Back

Grab some wine and sink into your favourite comfy chair. While you do your thing, I'll be here writing copy to attract new leads, nurture your audience, and increase your sales.

Choose between:
Sales Page

“I need this now!” – said your new sales page readers.

Your sales page is where your offer lives, so every word counts! But while the goal is to sell, it shouldn't feel icky. Instead, your copy should feel genuine, relatable, and inspiring. It will be all about the transformation, as we present what people’s lives will look like once they’ve purchased from you. The beauty of a high-converting sales page? It can make money for you around the clock, even when you’re binging Netflix!

Email Sequence

Connection and conversion – it all happens in the inbox!

Email marketing is here to stay, and that’s great for your business. Remember, your subscribers having willingly given you their email address, so they want to hear from you. (Talk about an engaged audience!). Whether you’re welcoming new subscribers with a personality-packed welcome sequence or sharing your latest offer with a gotta-have-it sales series, you’ll love the connection and conversion that happen in the inbox.


To give your digital home the TLC it deserves!

Your website is your brand’s home, sweet home. When people show up at your virtual door, they need to quickly understand who you are, what you do, and (most importantly) how you can help them. Leave out this last piece, and your readers will click away! With a strategically written Home, About, Services, FAQs, and Contact page, you can simultaneously delight your audience and drive people to click or buy.

You know you're ready to hire a copywriter when:
  • You’re tired of handing ALL.THE.THINGS. related to your business.
  • You'd love some of your time back to spend with family and friends (remember them?)
  • You’re ready for custom copy that will attract your ideal clients and customers.
  • You’re excited to stand out from the crowd and scale with impact!

Tall order, but no sweat! With my Fast-Track VIP Day, I’ll give you my undivided copywriting attention and expertise for a full day. You can skip the drawn-out timelines and get your high-converting copy out the door faster! It’s easy, efficient, and a great way to quickly get new eyes on your offer.