Connection and Conversion.
It All happens in the Inbox!

Email marketing is here to stay.
And that's great for your business.

So, you've heard the word on the street.
Email marketing is the way to go if you want to build an engaged community that oohs and aahs over your content and loves to buy from you. Plus, what could be better than having a community of people who've raised their hand and said, "YES! I want to hear from you. Please send me more!"

Talk about the Perfect audience.
  • No more tirelessly posting to social media, hoping your content will get seen.
  • No more getting the cold shoulder from the Instagram algorithm.
  • No more being compared to the 847 other people in your industry.

But still, where do you even start?

How do you attract people to your email list? And once they've joined, what do you even write them?

Hint: Ghosting is NOT a strategy. The whole point is to build connection through consistency so you stay top of mind. That's where my signature copywriting package comes in:


Red Carpet Welcome

Completely customized, done-for-you copy to help grow your email list, nurture your audience, and sell out your signature offer.

package includes
Irresistible Freebie

Whether you’re just starting your email list or growing your already-large subscriber base, a high-value lead magnet (aka, freebie) will do the job! I’ll help you choose the best topic and format to showcase your expertise and attract your ideal audience. I’ll also write the copy for you, so you won’t have to lift a finger!

High-Converting Opt-In Page

Now, time to get people to happily hand over their email address. This is a big step, so high-converting copy is crucial. I’ll position your freebie in the best possible light so that people can’t wait to snag it. And when they do, they’ll have nothing but great things headed their way - aka, your welcome sequence, of course!

6-Part Email Welcome Series

Pop the champagne, because your list is growing by the minute! We’ll send your new subscribers a 6-part welcome series that entertains, educates, and gets people excited to read more. Welcome sequences are the most popular of ALL sequences, so we’ll use this prime inbox time to build connection and drive sales.

This Package is perfect for you if:

- You've been wanting to focus on email for a while - you just haven't had the time.
- You understand the value of email AND of outsourcing to a copywriting pro.
- You can't wait to give your audience the star treatment they deserve.
- You know that engaged subscribers often turn into repeat buyers.

Investment: $3,500 USD

P.S. The great thing about this package is that it's a one-time investment that will continue to work for you EVERY time someone signs up for your email list. Cha-ching!


Ready to make email marketing a breeze?