Want Copy That Stands Out and Sells?

Don't worry. I'll hook you up with the right words!


Let Me Guess ...

You're here because you know how important well-written copy is for the success of your business. The only problem is...
- You'd rather be doing anything else but writing the copy yourself.
- When you do start to write, you suddenly sound like a stodgy professor.
- You're way happier staying in your genius zone, serving your people.

You're also acutely aware of your TIME.

After all, it's the one resource that you can never get back. It's also why savvy business owners like yourself outsource to the pros. Just think of all the things you could be doing when you've freed up your time and placed your copywriting in capable hands.

Take Your Pick with My


(Note: I specialize in email and website copy. What can I say? They're the best to write AND they can help boost your business.)

Welcome Email Sequences

Woo hoo! Your list is growing by the day. Now time to dazzle your audience with a welcome sequence. This series builds the know, like and trust factor with your audience so that they'll be happy to buy from you when you're ready to sell. Bonus fact: Welcome sequences have the highest open rate of all email sequences and work for you every time someone new joins your email list.

$2,000 USD for a six-part sequence

Sales/Launch Email Sequences

Selling your new or evergreen offer can be stressful - except when the copy's written for you. I'll create a series of custom emails to prime people for your offer and get them itching to buy. This sequence will educate, entertain, and keep people engaged from subject line to finish – with a voice that's friendly, conversational, and true to your brand.

$2,000 USD for a six-part sequence

Ongoing/Newsletter Emails

Sending out regular emails is a great way to nurture your audience and stay top of mind. I’ll write emails for you that engage, provide exceptional value, and move readers closer to
purchase. Remember: your subscribers have willingly given you their email address so they WANT to hear from you! So, don't be too shy to show up in their inbox.

$1,400 USD for a 4-pack of newsletters

Psst. If you're looking for the full package and want me to write your lead magnet, high-converting opt-in page, and a 6-part welcome series, check out my Red-Carpet Welcome .

Long-Form Sales Pages

This is where your offer lives, so every word counts! But while the goal of your sales page is to sell, it doesn’t have to feel icky. Instead, your copy should feel genuine, authentic, and inspiring. The beauty of a high-converting sales page? It can make money for you around the clock, even when you’re binging Netflix!

$997 USD per page

Website Copy

Your website is your brand’s home, sweet home! When people show up at your virtual door, they need to quickly understand who you are, what you do, and how you’re different. With a thoughtfully written Home, About, Services, FAQs, and Contact page, you can simultaneously delight your readers and build your business.

$2,700 USD for all 5 pages

Blog Post Copy

New blog content is a great way to increase your ranking on Google, drive more people to your website, and serve your audience with fresh, value-added information that they’ll love. Your blog visitors should also be encouraged to join your email list so you can grow your audience and keep the online party going!

$1,600 USD for 4 blog posts

No matter which copywriting service you choose, I know you'll love the feeling of:

- Having professional copy written for you. (What could be easier?)
- Having your messaging resonate with your dream clients/customers.
- Having more readers turn into loyal, adoring buyers.

Let's make sure your copy is working hard for you, shall we?